CSTools 5.0.1 (Release date: 06-06-2023)

- Standardize the coordinates of ‘s2dv_cube’ by setting the coordinates to vectors with NULL dimensions
- Include a check for SaveExp output filenames that only contain date information
- In SaveExp the dates parameter is allowed to have additional time dimensions of length 1

New Features
- New parameter ‘startdates’ in CST_SaveExp used to manually decide the name of the output files

- Switch to testthat version 3

CSTools 5.0.0 (Release date: 05-04-2023)

- Correct vignettes: Analogs, MultiModelSkill and MultivarRMSE
- Add ‘ncores’ to s2dv function calls in CST_Anomaly
- Reduce computing time of examples and tests and improve documentation

New features
- Add dat_dim parameter in CST_BiasCorrection and CST_Calibration
- New plotting function for case studies temporal visualisation: PlotWeeklyClim
- Deprecate indices in dim_anom parameter of CST_Anomaly
- Allow memb_dim to be NULL in QuantileMapping
- Uncomment tests in CST_MultivarRMSE due to correction of RMS in s2dv next release (released s2dv 1.4.0 21/03)
- New s2dv_cube object development for all the functions, unit tests, examples and vignettes
- New function CST_Subset similar to Subset with ‘s2dv_cubes’
- Improved CST_SaveExp function with new features
- New color set in PlotForecastPDF Vitigeoss colors
- New function CST_InsertDim

- Added contribution from ArticXchange project due to PlotWeeklyClim
- Update NEWS.md with the correct format
- Change Licence

CSTools 4.1.1 (Release date: 10-11-2022)

- CST_Analogs corrected input of ClimProjDiags::Subset()
- PlotCombinedMap corrected use of ‘cex_bar_titles’ parameter
- CST_Anomaly added ‘memb_dim’, ‘dat_dim’ and ‘ftime_dim’ and improved use for ‘dim_anom’ parameters

CSTools 4.1.0 (Release date: 25-10-2022)

New features
- Dependency on package ‘s2dverification’ is changed to ‘s2dv’
- CST_BiasCorrection new parameters ‘memb_dim’, ‘sdate_dim’, ‘ncores’
- CST_Calibration is able to calibrate forecast with new parameter ‘exp_cor’
- CST_QuantileMapping uses cross-validation and provides option to remove NAs; new parameters ‘memb_dim’, ‘sdate_dim’, ‘window_dim’ and ‘na.rm’; ‘sample_dim’ and ‘sample_length’ are removed
- s2dv_cube() new parameter ‘time_dim’

- as.s2dv_cube() detects latitude and longitude structure in startR_array object
- Data correction: ‘lonlat_data’ is renamed to ‘lonlat_temp’; ‘lonlat_prec’ is corrected by one-day shift
- Typo and parameter correction in vignette ‘MostLikelyTercile_vignette’
- Figure and result correction in vignette ‘RainFARM_vignette’
- PlotMostLikelyQuantileMap() works with s2dv::PlotLayout

CSTools 4.0.1 (Release date: 05-10-2021)

New features
- Dynamical Bias Correction method: CST_ProxiesAttractors and CST_DynBiasCorrection (optionally Predictability)
- CST_BiasCorrection and BiasCorrection allows to calibrate a forecast given the calibration in the hindcast by using parameter ‘exp_cor’
- Use cases
- CST_SaveExp includes parameter extra_string
- PlotCombinedMap includes parameter cex_bar_titles

- Calibration retains correlation absolute value
- Calibration fixed when cal.methodi == rpc-based, apply_to == sign, eval.method == ‘leave-one-out’ and the correlation is not significant
- PlotMostLikelyQuantileMap reoder latitudes of an array provided in ‘dots’ parameter

CSTools 4.0.0 (Release date: 23-02-2021)

New features
- ADAMONT downscaling method: requires CST_AdamontAnalogs and CST_AdamontQQCor functions
- Analogs method using Predictors: requires training_analogs and CST_AnalogsPredictors
- PlotPDFsOLE includes parameters to modify legend style
- CST_RFSlope handless missing values in the temporal dimension and new ‘ncores’ parameter allows parallel computation
- CST_RFWeights accepts s2dv_cube objects as input and new ‘ncores’ paramenter allows parallel computation
- RFWeights is exposed to users
- CST_RainFARM accepts multi-dimensional slopes and weights and handless missing values in sample dimensions
- QuantileMapping is exposed to users
- CST_MultiMetric includes ‘rpss’ metric and it is addapted to s2dv
- PlotMostLikelyQuantileMap vignette
- PlotTriangles4Categories includes two parameters to adjust axis and margins
- CategoricalEnsCombination is exposed to users
- CST_SplitDims includes parameter ‘insert_ftime’
- Analogs vignette
- Data Storage and retrieval vignette

- PlotForecastPDF correctly displays terciles labels
- CST_SaveExp correctly save time units
- CST_SplitDims returns ordered output following ascending order provided in indices when it is numeric
- qmap library moved from Imports to Depends
- CST_QuantileMapping correctly handles exp_cor
- Figures resize option from vignettes has been removed
- Fix Analogs to work with three diferent criteria
- Vignette PlotForecastPDF updated plots
- Decrease package size compresing vignettes figures and removing areave_data sample

CSTools 3.1.0 (Release date: 02-07-2020)

New features
- EnsClustering vignette
- EnsClustering has a new parameter ‘time_dim’
- CST_BiasCorrection has na.rm paramter
- CST_Anomaly allows to smooth the climatology with filter.span parameter
- PlotTriangles4Categories new plotting function to convert any 3-d numerical array to a grid of coloured triangles
- CST_WeatherRegimes/WeatherRegimes and CST_RegimeAssign/RegimeAssign
- PlotPDFsOLE plots two probability density gaussian functions and the optimal linear estimation
- CST_RFTemp/RF_Temp functions available for downscaling temperature
- Weather Regimes vignette

- CST_Anomaly handles exp, obs or both
- PlotForecastPDF vignette displays figures correctly
- Calibration function is exposed to users
- MultiMetric vignette fixed typo text description
- RainFARM checks ‘slope’ is not a vector
- DESCRIPTION specifies the minimum multiApply version required
- EnsClustering has a fixed ‘closest_member’ output
- PlotCombinedMap handles masks correctly
- CST_SaveExp uses multiApply and save time dimension correctly

CSTools 3.0.0 (Release date: 10-02-2020)

New features
- CST_MergeDims and MergeDims
- Version working with R 3.4.2
- PlotForecastPDF handles independent terciles, extremes and observations for each panel

- CST_Calibration handles missing values
- BEI functions handle missing values

CSTools 2.0.0 (Release date: 25-11-2019)

New features
- CST_Analogs Analogs downscaling method,
- CST_MultiEOFS for multiple variables,
- Ensemble Clustering,
- Categorical Ensemble Combination,
- new Calibration methods included in CST_Calibration,
- Best Estimated Index method,
- CST_QuantileMapping,
- CST_SplitDim to split dimension, if it is a temporal dimension, it can be split by days, months and years or other inidices,
- creation and transformation to class ‘s2dv_cube’,
- CST_SaveExp function for saving experiments to be loadable with CST_Load,
- Parallelization of RainFARM downscaling
- Adding unit tests using testthat for BEI and RainFarm functions
- New vignette Best Estimate Index
- Addapting CST_Load to use ‘as.s2dv_cube’ function
- Adding reference to S2S4E H2020 project into the DESCRIPTION file
- Adding NEWS.md file

- Minor fix in CST_BiasCorrection when checking parameter ‘obs’
- Minor fix in data lonlat_prec to be of class ‘s2dv_cube’
- Minor fix in RainFARM vignette

CSTools 1.0.1 (Release date: 19-06-2019)

Fixes and new features
- Correcting test of PlotForecastPDF for compatibility with ggplot2 release
- New function PlotCombinedMap
- Adding reference to MEDSCOPE ERA4CS Project into the DESCRIPTION file
- Documentation minor fix in CST_RFWeights
- Minor fix in PlotMostLikelyQuantileMap for bar_titles
- MultiModelSkill vignette updated to use PlotCombinedMap

CSTools 1.0.0 (Release date: 24-04-2019)