This is README space for metaIntegrator_public. To be filled with a README if necessary, or for internal use if required.

What is this repository for?

Who do I talk to?

How do I install the MetaIntegrator package?

For the current version on CRAN:


For the current development version:

Run the following lines in R:


install_bitbucket("khatrilab/metaIntegrator_public", auth_user=USERNAME, password=PASSWORD)

where USERNAME and PASSWORD are your bitbucket username and password.

If you get a permissions error, ask Aditya for the app password.

If you get “ERROR: dependency ‘deapathways’ is not available for package ‘MetaIntegrator’”, follow these steps:

download the deapathways_1.0.tar.gz file (which is stored in metaIntegrator_public/inst).

install deapathways, either by going to the command line, navigating to the folder containing
the tar.gz file in the command line and running R CMD INSTALL deapathways_1.0.tar.gz,
or by running install.packages(PATH_TO_FILE, repos = NULL, type="source")
where PATH_TO_FILE is the path to the deapathways_1.0.tar.gz file


To read the Vignette go to: