SteppedPower - Power Calculation for Stepped Wedge Designs


SteppedPower offers tools for power and sample size calculation as well as design diagnostics for longitudinal mixed model settings, with a focus on stepped wedge designs. All calculations are oracle estimates i.e. assume random effect variances to be known (or guessed) in advance.


Install from CRAN with install.packages("SteppedPower"). Current version on CRAN is 0.3.2.

To install the latest stable version type
devtools::install_github("PMildenb/SteppedPower", build_vignettes=TRUE)

The development version with the most recent changes can be installed with devtools::install_github("PMildenb/SteppedPower", ref='devel', build_vignettes=TRUE)


The vignette can be viewed with vignette("Getting_Started", package="SteppedPower")