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Collection of Implementations for Indices of Careless Responding.


Careless or insufficient effort responding in surveys, i.e. responding to items without regard to their content, is a common occurrence in surveys. These types of responses constitute significant problems for data quality leading to distortions in data analysis and hypothesis testing, such as spurious correlations. The R package careless provides solutions designed to detect such careless / insufficient effort responses by allowing easy calculation of indices proposed in the literature. It currently supports the calculation of Longstring, Even-Odd Consistency, Psychometric Synonyms/Antonyms, Mahalanobis Distance, and Intra-individual Response Variability (also termed Inter-item Standard Deviation).

Current Version

Current version is 1.2.2

Installing from source

To install this package:

  1. Install and load the devtools package (if necessary). In R, paste the following into the console, note, you may need to update R or R Studio first:
  1. Download and install the careless package from the Github source code.

APA Citation

Yentes, R.D., & Wilhelm, F. (2018) careless: Procedures for computing indices of careless responding. R packages version 1.2.0 url:


This package is free and open source software, licensed under MIT License.