cdmTools: Useful Tools for Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling

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Nájera, P., Sorrel, M. A., & Abad, F. J. (2024). cdmTools: Useful Tools for Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling. R package version 1.0.5. ## Features of the package * Empirical Q-matrix estimation and validation * Empirical dimensionality assessment of CDM data * Attribute profile classification via the general nonparametric classification method (GNPC) * R-DINA and R-DINO model estimation * Corrected classification accuracy estimation via multiple imputation * Person fit evaluation * Useful functions for simulation studies involving CDM ## Installation To install this package from source: 1. Windows users may need to install the Rtools and include the checkbox option of installing Rtools to their path for easier command line usage. Mac users will have to download the necessary tools from the Xcode and its related command line tools (found within Xcode’s Preference Pane under Downloads/Components); most Linux distributions should already have up to date compilers (or if not they can be updated easily). 2. Install the devtools package (if necessary), and install the package from the Github source code.


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