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This package provides an R interface to the header-only C++ CGAL version 4 library

This package is using the latest release of the version 4 of CGAL.


Install the development version with the remotes R package


Using cgal4h

In order to use cgal4h in your own R package, you need to add it to the LinkingTo field in the DESCRIPTION field of R package. You also need to have the following C++ compiler flag.


If you are using Rcpp don’t forget to add a dependency to cgal4h to your cpp files before a call to #include <Rcpp.h>

// [[Rcpp::depends(cgal4h)]]

#include <Rcpp.h>

Missing headers

Because of portability issues not all headers are included in this package, the following components are currently missing:


This package is provided under the GPL-3.

The CGAL library uses the dual license GPL-3. | LGPL-3. More information can be found at