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chisq.posthoc.test is a R package that is designed to run a post hoc analysis for Pearson’s Chi-squared Test for Count Data. The residuals as well as p-values will be returned.


The easiest way to get chisq.posthoc.test is to install it using the devtools:



chisq.posthoc.test(x, y, method = "bonferroni", ...)

x corresponds to x of the chisq.test function and are passed on to it. The method indicates the p adjustment method and defaults to the Bonferroni method. Additional options can be given which are passed on to the chisq.test function.


This work was inspired by the Youtube videos on how to do the Chi-Square Post-Hoc Testing in SPSS.


T. Mark Beasley & Randall E. Schumacker (1995) Multiple Regression Approach to Analyzing Contingency Tables: Post Hoc and Planned Comparison Procedures, The Journal of Experimental Education, 64:1, 79-93, DOI: 10.1080/00220973.1995.9943797