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This packages contains a small collection of helper functions I have been keeping around. Some of these have already appeared in a StackOverflow answer in 2009 or a blog post in 2011. Others are more local and less refined. Some may even be redundant—it is simply a collection of utility function I use, or maybe have used at some point.


The package tests cleanly as you would expect.


Dirk Eddelbuettel, plus contributions from others as noted in the respective files


Thanks to Josh Ulrich for discussions about plot.xts, Brodie Gaslam for discussions about his CRAN status checker (and Jordan Mark Barbone for a PR with fix to a corner case in it), Kevin Denny and Kabira Namit for Stata commands demotivate and motivate, Bill Dunlap for str.language, and possibly others I am omitting – if your name belongs here email me!


GPL (>= 2)