The Dataset

Mappings by Plataforma CIPÓ on environmental crimes. Each dataset available is a spreadsheet pertaining to a different aspect of environmental crimes, namely: the Brazilian institutions and organization involved in their prevention (the "brazilian_actors" dataset); the international agreements, treaties and conventions related to the subject (the "international_cooperation" dataset); and the arrangements regarding forest governance (the "forest_governance" dataset).


Using the function is easy enough:


# Download the full mapping on the Brazilian actors
brazilian_actors <- load_cipo(dataset = "brazilian_actors")

# Now the International cooperation mapping
cooperation <- load_cipo(dataset = "international_cooperation")

## Now taking advantage of the search parameter

# searching only for entries containing IBAMA
actors_ibama <- load_cipo(dataset = "brazilian_actors",
                          search = "ibama")

# entries containing IBAMA or FUNAI
actors_ibama <- load_cipo(dataset = "brazilian_actors",
                          search = "ibama|funai")