gamlss is a R package implementing the Generalised Additive Models for The package gamlss is an implementation of Rigby and Stasinopoulos (2005), Appl. Statist., 54, pp. 507-554.

There are three book available for information;

  1. “Flexible Regression and Smoothing: Using GAMLSS in R” explaining how the models can be used in R.

  2. “Distributions for modeling location, scale and shape: Using GAMLSS in R” explaining the explicit and generated distributions available in the package gamlss.dist

  3. “Generized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape: A distributional regression approach with applications” explaining the different method for fitting GAMLSS i.e. penalised Likelihood, Bayesian and Boosting.

More more information about books and papers related to GAMLSS can be found in

The GitHub repository is now hosted under the new gamlss-dev organization:

Version 5.4-21

Version 5.4-20