geocmeans 0.3.4

Final update before resubmitting to CRAN and to JOSS

Vignettes were removed from CRAN release considering the new NOTE raised and the absolute lack of insights on what could cause it.


Slight modification in the vignettes and documentation. Adding an error when the user gives data using the old packages raster and sp.

geocmeans 0.3.3

Correcting minor bugs caused by the recent removing of rgdal from dependencies Updating to C++17 to match CRAN new requirements


Removing dependencies from rgdal and raster to move to terra. The dataset Aracachon is now provided as a raw tiff file and must be read directly.

Adding two new parameters to the functions CMeans, GCMeans, SFCMeans, SFGCMeans : noise_cluster and robust. They can be used to calculate the “robust” version of each algorithm, or to add a noise cluster. See the vignette “Advanced examples” on the website.

Adding a little function to facilitate the scaling and unscaling of variables : standardizer

geocmeans 0.3.1

Replacing all the functions from maptools, sp and rgeos to work now with feature collections from sf.

geocmeans 0.2.2

removed the old function future::multiprocess, for future::multisession as suggested in issue #3


Corrected the bug in the issue #2

geocmeans 0.2.1

Minor release for correcting minor bugs and providing an updated documentation.

geocmeans 0.2.0

New Features

corrected bugs


geocmeans 0.1.1