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Extracting PhenoCam data using phenocamapi R Package

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PhenoCam time-series are extracted time-series data obtained from ROI’s for a given site. Each site has specific metadata including but not limited to how the site is set-up and where it is located, what vegetaion type is visible from the camera, and its climate regime. Each PhenoCam may have none to several ROI’s per vegetation type.

This R package is an effort to simplify data wrangling steps and finally merge them as a single dataframe.


phenocamapi can be directly installed from the GitHub repo:

# installing the package from the GitHub repo
if(!require(devtools)) install.packages('devtools')

# loading the package


The vignette page contains useful information on how to use the R package.


Detailed guides on how to use each function has been provided in the manual page of each function.