Modeling Using PLETHEM



Installing PLETHEM

PLETHEM can be run installed from CRAN


The most recent development version can be installed from


and then use


to start using PLETHEM.

Running rapidPBPK models

The rapidPBPK model within PLETHEM can be used to run forward dosimetry, monte carlo analysis, reverse dosimetry, and route to route extrapolation workflows. To start the rapidPBPK application


Running HT-IVIVE models in PLETHEM

The High-Throughput IVIVE workflow within PELTHEM can be used to extrapolate in vitro points of depature to equivalent applied dose in vivo TO start the HT-IVIVE application


Running HTTK models

Models within the HTTK package can also be run using the same interactive modeling interface you saw previously. These models require the chemicals be a part of HTTK’s internal chemical database. Chemicals can be added to httk’s chemical database using the httk function


This can be simplified if you are using RStudio. The gadget developed for adding data to httk’s chemical database can be invoked by running the command


Once the chemical is added to the HTTK database, a new httk PBPK project can be created by using the commands above but replacing value of the parameter model to “httk_pbtk”