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Misc. Functions for Processing and Sample Selection of Spectroscopic Data

Antoine Stevens & Leo Ramirez-Lopez

Last update: 2024-02-16

Version: 0.2.7 – cakes

prospectr is becoming more and more used in spectroscopic applications, which is evidenced by the number of scientific publications citing the package. This package is very useful for signal processing and chemometrics in general as it provides various utilities for pre–processing and sample selection of spectral data. While similar functions are available in other packages, like signal, the functions in this package works indifferently for data.frame, matrix and vector inputs. Besides, several functions are optimized for speed and use C++ code through the Rcpp and RcppArmadillo packages.

Installing it from GitHub

Install this package from github by:


NOTE: in some MAC Os it is still recommended to install gfortran and clang from here. Even for R >= 4.0. For more info, check this issue.


Check the NEWS document for new functionality and general changes in the package.


A vignette for prospectr explaining its core functionality is available at

Core functionality

A vignette gives an overview of the main functions of the package. Just type vignette("prospectr-intro") in the console to access it. Currently, the following preprocessing functions are available:

The selection of representative samples/observations for calibration of spectral models can be achieved with one of the following functions:

Other useful functions are also available:

Citing the package

Antoine Stevens and Leornardo Ramirez-Lopez (2024). An introduction to the prospectr package. R package Vignette R package version 0.2.4. A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is:

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Bug report and development version

You can send an email to the package maintainer ( or create an issue on github. To install the development version of prospectr, simply install devtools from CRAN then run install_github("l-ramirez-lopez/prospectr").