CRAN status Lifecycle: stable

rclipboard: clipboard.js for R/Shiny applications

clipboard.js is a super light javascript framework, which provides copy-to-clipboard functionality using HTML5. The simple rclipboard R package is simple and leverages clipboard.js functionality to provide a reactive copy-to-clipboard UI button component, called rclipButton, and a reactive copy-to-clipboard UI link component, called rclipLink, for Shiny R applications.

While rclipButton and rclipLink will work in applications that use native shiny UI constructors, the code below illustrates a marginally more complex example in which a tooltip is displayed when hovering on top of the button thanks to the use of UI constructors from the bslib package.


# The UI
ui <- bslib::page_fluid(
  # Add a text input
  textInput("copytext", "Copy this:", "Zlika!"),
  # UI ouputs for the copy-to-clipboard buttons
  # A text input for testing the clipboard content.
  textInput("paste", "Paste here:")

# The server
server <- function(input, output) {
  # Add clipboard buttons
  output$clip <- renderUI({
      inputId = "clipbtn",
      label = "rclipButton Copy",
      clipText = input$copytext, 
      icon = icon("clipboard"),
      tooltip = "Click me... I dare you!",
      placement = "top",
      options = list(delay = list(show = 800, hide = 100), trigger = "hover")

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)