fetchNASIS(from=‘pedons’) Columns

This guide identifies source tables and columns for each column in the fetchNASIS(from='pedons') result. Many data elements have a 1:1 relationship with a table and column in NASIS, these are described in order of alphabetical order of their parent NASIS table.

The parent table physical name, column physical name and column description are reported from the NASIS 7 metadata. Any columns that deviate from the NASIS naming, but are 1:1 with a NASIS column, are flagged Alias="Yes" and have a different fetchNASIS() column name from the physical column name. In the future these will be changed to match the NASIS metadata.

The final set of columns reported in this guide are “calculated”: these are derived from data in NASIS and queries of child tables of site/pedon/horizon, but do not have an analog or corresponding metadata description in NASIS. These column entries have custom descriptions and mention the soilDB functions responsible for generating them.