tessellation 2.3.0

New function cellVolume. It returns the volume of a bounded 2D or 3D Voronoï cell (i.e. the area in 2D, the volume in 3D). For a bounded 3D Voronoï cell, in addition to the volume of the cell, the surface area of the cell is also returned.

tessellation 2.2.0

tessellation 2.1.3

Fixed a minor mistake in the plotVoronoiDiagram function.

tessellation 2.1.2

Fixed a small mistake in the C code.

tessellation 2.1.1

Changed sprintf to snprintf in the C code.

tessellation 2.1.0

tessellation 2.0.0

New feature: elevated Delaunay tessellation (also called 2.5D Delaunay triangulation).

tessellation 1.0.0

First release.